Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday… 3 things to be happy about…

1.  So… In my excitement to post my first entry, I forgot to share how I came up with the name for my blog.  I couldn’t believe it… this story should have been in the first post!  But when I found a good background and finally figured out fonts and colors, I was so excited to just get started that I forgot!  Anyway, one day at work, I was about to grab my food out of my fridge, plug in my toaster (for my GF bread), and sit down for a breather, and I checked my phone.  I had a text from Scott saying he thought of a name for my blog, but if I didn’t like it he wouldn’t be upset.  Then I looked at the next text… Allergies and Anecdotes.  I knew immediately that was it!  It’s like him to be thinking about my diet or searching the internet for new food choices, but to finally think of a name for my blog I was so excited!  That’s what the hold up was for the start of this blog… I couldn’t start it without a name or an address, so thank you Scott!

2. Buying gluten free groceries online...
Okay, so I promise to be mostly positive in my blog, but when you eat a diet free of such common items, there are times when you can’t help but be frustrated.  Last weekend Scott and I set out for our grocery shopping adventure, which usually means at least 3 stores, and we got to Sunflower, and they were out of half of what I needed.  When you can eat one kind of yogurt, one kind of oatmeal, etc… you come to rely on the one store that carries it.  But nope.  They were out.  I was trying to shop according to the food I needed for on the go snacks for the work week, so it became really upsetting to not find the things I was looking for.  When I asked when they would get more, the man couldn’t tell me, and he went on to say that they don’t restock items until they are completely out of them.  Let’s just say I almost blew my top.  We left, with a few things, and when we got to the car I was a smidge outraged and vowed to never put myself in that situation again… as I continued ranting, I came to the realization I must start looking into buying my stuff online, so that I am not having to rely on grocery stores so that I can eat.   

Well let me tell you… that evolved into a great day.  I went home, and that night I placed a $200 order with Amazon.   A couple days later, cases of my favorite groceries started arriving at my door.  Here’s what I got: a case of pasta, a case of oatmeal packets, a case of nut free trail mix, a three pack of my special SLS free soap, a case of my sunflower seed butter, one bottle of my special lotion, and a 6 pack of my SLS free toothpaste… and I think that’s it.  Anyway, lots of savings, and zero frustration.  Clearly the way to go.  I’m going to place a few more orders online this week, so I’ll let you know how that goes.  Also going to start a spreadsheet to organize what I buy from which website, so hopefully one of my blog savvy friends can help me figure out how to share that too.

3.  Costco sells gluten free bread!  We usually get all of our paper goods at Costco, along with the bulk bags of frozen fruit for smoothies, but as we were wandering the aisles/ dodging the crazy people and their carts, I spotted Rudi’s gluten free bread in the freezer case!!!  Hooray!  A twin pack of bread I can eat for $7!  I was pretty excited, but had to remember to not get TOO excited, since silly Costco changes their food often… ie. Stops carrying really important items.  But I got a pack, thought it couldn’t be as bad as some of the other breads I’ve tried, got it home, and it was great!  Even better than Udi’s gluten free bread.  And best of all, they sell it at Safeway and often give out coupons for it.  Hooray!

Be on the lookout for today's recipe...

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