Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet lord can it be true?!!!

Dear lord!  How excited am I?!!!!

We have a trip planned in May to go to a Diamondbacks game when they play the Twins....

...Aaaannnnddd.... guess what!?

I WILL NOT have to sneak my own snacks into the park!!!

AND I can once again enjoy a frosty beer at a baseball park!!!

Check it out:

The new expanded gluten-free offerings include:
Concessions Cart Fan Favorites
  • Hot Dog – Certified gluten-free hot dog, Kinnikinnick bun, Heinz ketchup and French’s mustard
  • Chili Cheese Dog – Certified gluten-free hot dog, Kinnikinnick bun, Ghel’s chili sauce and cheese
  • Nachos –   Mission tortilla chips, Ghel’s cheese, Embasa jalapeños
  • Loaded Nachos – Mission tortilla chips, Ghel’s chili sauce and cheese, LaVictoria Alamo salsa, Embasa jalapeños
Snacks, Sweets and Beverages
  • Red Bridge Beer – Gluten-free beer made without wheat or barley
  • Taste Good Tortilla Chips – Olive, sweet potato flavored tortilla chips
  • Classic Snacks Gluten-Free Carmel & Cheddar Popcorn Mix
  • Eden Organic Pumpkin Seeds
  • Eden Organic Berry Mix
  • Larabars – Cherry pie flavor gluten-free fruit and nut bar
  • NuGO Free Dark Chocolate Bar – NuGO FREE bars are gluten, soy, and dairy free, certified OU Pareve, and made with real dark chocolate
  • Classic Snacks Gummy Bears
  • Skittles
I guess these will be available at gluten free concessions carts for this current season.   HOORAY!!!


  1. The ballpark rules are really lax on bringing in your own food. I'm not saying you want to cook for the event, but pretty much anything sealed can come in -- including candy, water, or whatever diet-specific snacks you might enjoy.

  2. Hey, cool! We're going to the DBacks/Twins game, too! The one on the 21st, right? It's our friend (and groomsman)'s birthday, and so a bunch of us are taking the bus where you can bring your own anything to enjoy on the way up and back. Maybe we'll see you there (lol, in the crowd of thousands)!

  3. BTW, Disneyland just posted a link to their gluten-free foods!