Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, I must start off with my apologies for the lapse in posts... it hasn't been for a lack of things to post about, I've just been ridiculously busy!  Since the last post, a lot has happened:  ran my first 1/2 marathon, rode through fantasy island and fell in a ditch, received a thoughtful gift from a coworker who knows I eat gluten free, and most importantly, I found a fabulous new restaurant to eat at in Tucson!!!

This past weekend, Scott and I celebrated our third anniversary of our first date!  For the last two years I've been kind of sad we couldn't go back to the restaurant we had our first date at, but it got a lot easier this year with the discovery of a new fabulous restaurant!  Our first date was at a mexican restaurant downtown, near the TCC.  I had a XX beer, and taquitos, per Scott's recommendation.  It was fabulous.  Anyway, this year we (or I) were really wanting to try a new restaurant.  I was talking about this with my sister Chrissy on Saturday, and she said we should try Picazzo's on Oracle... she said her friend works there and speaks highly of the gluten free options.  I couldn't believe she was holding this information from me! I'm always in the search for a new restaurant.  Regardless, when I got home that afternoon, I called Picazzo's and looked online, which I highly recommend doing, so your taste buds can have a party until you get there:

Anyway, when we were walking up to the front of the restaurant, I noticed a banner hanging on the railing that surrounds the front patio... it said gluten free all over it!  For real!  Then, when we were seated, Brenna, our server came to the table.  She is the friend of my little sister Chrissy!  Small world.  Sooo, we ordered drinks and got menus.  As we were talking to Brenna, she mentioned that 80% of their menu is gluten free, and they just added a gluten free focaccia bread!  We placed our order for an APPETIZER!  I never get appetizers, mostly because most restaurants don't have gluten free appetizers, and better yet, we got baked chicken wings!  They weren't just any old chicken wing, they had clearly been marinated, and were delicious!

Then, we ordered our dinner.  

And it was DELISH!

Seriously... gluten free PASTA! In a RESTAURANT!  It was so good.  I got the Uncle Louie pasta dish, and it came with italian sausage, roasted peppers and sauteed onions.  I secretly will admit I thought it had a marinara sauce with it because that's what I envisioned, but it was really good.  It normally comes with cheese on top, so I had to not get that, but it was SO good anyway.

Then we got dessert.  Why?  Because we could!  They had so many dessert choices.  I think next time we go we might just get appetizers and desserts!

We got a brownie.  Not A brownie, an entire pan of brownie!
It came with ice cream, so Scott enjoyed that, but let me tell you the brownie was delish.  Pretty sure it probably had a little dairy in it (milk), but probably not a lot, because it didn't bother me at all.  

Anyway, it was really a fabulous dinner.  And, I have to mention they do NOT charge extra for gluten free pasta.  AND, they don't have a separate gluten free menu, everyone gets the same menu and the dishes are labeled gf.  

Go there.  And post here to tell me how you like it.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I can hardly wait to go there! Do you mind sharing how expensive it is? Thanks!

  2. Vicki, it's super affordable... about $10- $15 per dish... I think the pizzas are a little more, but they are pretty big. The servers wear jeans, so it's casual, but it's a nice enough atmosphere for a date or special event. I think the wings were $8, but the most important part is they don't charge extra if you're eating gluten free.

  3. That's awesome!! I'm so glad you found a delicious place to eat!